Principles of Organic Chemistry II

Spring 2014




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How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry


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Organic Reaction Movies


Lecture Outlines:


Ethers, Epoxides, and Sulfides


Lecture 1 audio transcript

Lecture 2 audio transcript


Answers, Ethers and Epoxides


Conjugated Systems and UV spectroscopy


Lecture 3 audio transcript


Lecture 4 audio transcript


Answers, Conjugated Systems


Benzene and Aromatic Compounds


Lecture 5 audio transcript


Lecture 6 audio transcript


Answers, Benzene and Aromatic Compounds


Reactions of Aromatic Compounds


Lecture 7 audio transcript


Lecture 8 audio transcript


Answers Reactions of Aromatic Compounds


Ketones and Aldehydes 1


Ketones and Aldehydes 2


Lecture 9 audio transcript


Lecture 10 audio transcript


Lecture 11 audio transcript


Lecture 12 audio transcript


Answers, Ketones and Aldehydes


Practice Exam #1


Answers, Practice Exam #1


Exam#1 2009 Solutions


Exam#1 2010 Solutions


Carboxylic Acids 1


Lecture 13 audio transcript


Carboxylic Acids 2


Lecture 14 audio transcript


Answers, Carboxylic acids


Lecture 15 audio transcript


Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 1


Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 2


Answers, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives


alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 1


Lecture 16 audio transcript


alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 2


Lecture 17 audio transcript


alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 3


Lecture 18 audio transcript


Answers Chapter 22 problems


Practice Exam #2


Answers Exam #2 Fall 2009


Answers Exam #2 Spring 2010


Amines 1


Amines 2


Amines 3


Answers Amines


Practice Exam #1


Practice Exam #2


Please Read Wade Chapter 26 (polymers) and Chapter 24 (carbohydrates) for the last three weeks of class