Principles of Organic Chemistry II

Fall 2015




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How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry


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Organic Reaction Movies


Lecture Outlines:


Ethers, Epoxides, and Sulfides



Answers, Ethers and Epoxides



Conjugated Systems and UV spectroscopy



Answers, Conjugated Systems



Benzene and Aromatic Compounds



Answers, Benzene and Aromatic Compounds



Reactions of Aromatic Compounds



Answers Reactions of Aromatic Compounds



Ketones and Aldehydes 1


Ketones and Aldehydes 2


Answers, Ketones and Aldehydes


Practice Exam #1


Answers, Practice Exam #1


Exam#1 2009 Solutions


Exam#1 2010 Solutions


Carboxylic Acids 1


Carboxylic Acids 2


Answers, Carboxylic acids


Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 1


Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 2


Answers, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives



alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 1



alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 2



alpha-Substitution/Condensation Reactions 3



Answers Chapter 22 problems


Practice Exam #2


Answers Exam #2 Fall 2009


Answers Exam #2 Spring 2010


Amines 1


Amines 2


Amines 3


Answers Amines


Practice Exam #1


Practice Exam #2


Please Read Wade Chapter 26 (polymers) and Chapter 24 (carbohydrates) for the last three weeks of class