Survey of Organic Reactions




Syllabus and Course Schedule


Some Supplemental Notes from the Web:


Principles of Selectivity in Organic Reactions



Baldwin’s Rules for Ring Closure


Overheads week #1 (protecting groups)


Protecting Groups


Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation:

Enolate Alkyation

Organometallic Reagents



Overheads on Alkylation


Aldol Overheads


Felkin-Ahn Selectivity


Allylation Overheads


Olefination Reactions


Diels-Alder Reactions and the Formation of Six-Membered Rings



Diels-Alder Overheads

Olefins 1


Julia Reaction






Stille, Suzuki, Sonogashira Couplings


The Heck Reaction


Tsuji Trost Reaction


Sample Midterm


Oxidation 1


Oxidation 2


Oxidation Reactions


Asymmetric Reduction


Reduction Reactions


Organolithium, copper, zinc reagents




C-H activation/carbenes


Study Guide



Instructions for Final Presentations



Synthesis of Medium Rings


 Synthesis of Five-Membered Rings


Synthesis of Four-Membered Rings


Synthesis of Three-Membered Rings


Formation of Alkynes




Group 1:




Group 2:




Group 3:





Group 4:






Week 1:


Group 1


Group 2


Group 3


Group 4



Week 2:


Group 1


Group 2



Group 3




Group 4




Week 3:



Group 1



Group 2



Group 3



Group 4







Instructions for Final Presentation



Schedule for Final Presentations


Grading Rubric for Final Presentation









Notes courtesy of C.J. Rizzo, Vanderbilt University